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The Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation
127-B Prince Street
New York, NY 10012-3154

The Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation is a non-profit foundation which was established in 1990 to provide an outlet for art work that is unambiguously gay and which is frequently denied access to mainstream venues. The Foundation's Leslie-Lohman Gallery mounts exhibitions of work in all media by gay and lesbian artists with an emphasis on subject matter that speaks directly to gay and lesbian sensibilities, including, erotic, political, romantic, and social imagery and providing special support for emerging and underrepresented artists.

It's programs include regularly scheduled exhibitions, video events, workshop presentations of plays, a slide registry, artists' and curator's talks, panel discussions, a quarterly newletter, a membership program, an archive and a permanent collection of art.


From the Netherlands, Ad Schuring's great and thorough collection of gay art.
http://www.ButchBoyStudios.com/ From San Francisco, a web site representing the highly professional and polished work of Joel Hoyer and Martin Freeman. Joel's work involves screens, constructions and gilding which reflect his early involvement as a master frame builder. Martin's work involves expressionist painting and wonderful whimsical sculpture.
http://www.iniquitystudios.com From Texas, the masculine art of Darren Heppel.
http://members.lycos.co.uk/atlavik/ Alex from Norway's web site features his artwork of husky Russian and bearish men. Alex's lively and expressionistic sketches seem to show some Tom of Finland influence and also remind me somewhat of Picasso sketches. If you like your men big and beefy you might enjoy taking a look.
http://www.seantheartist.com/ A memorial site for John Klamik also known as Sean the artist. John passed on January 5, 2005. His work was popular and well known and was used in many early gay publications. Sean provided many humorous and editorial and political cartoons for the then fledging gay newspaper, the Advocate in the early 1970s. He signed his editorial cartoons that he did for the Advocate as "Buckshot" and signed his many cartoons he provided to gay publications as "Shawn". Sean was also noted for his erotic male illustrations.
"The world's favorite comic strip about a gay bed & breakfast. (Actually, the world's ONLY comic strip about a gay bed & breakfast !!! )" Artist Greg Fox's super online cartoon strip about the continuing drama at a gay bed & breakfast inn.

By Andy Bauer

The Gay Monsters - A webcomic where DRAB is FAB!

This colorfully flamboyant webcomic is pure campy queer horror about charming gay monsters and their contemporary queer situation. This spooktacular treat will have you screaming with laughter.

Scum Bag Fag Mag is a queer zine based in New York and Montréal. It is full of dirty humour and fun images.

Michael Broderick's HOTTLEAD
HOTTLEAD - An online portfolio of original drawings and illustrations with a decidedly all-male bent. The erotic male artwork of Michael Broderick.

Born 1973 - Ansonia, CT, USA. Punks, skinheads and blue collar workers are my subject matter. Breaking both stereotypes and conventional production methods, Drub's artwork fuses the homoerotic with a comic book aesthetic. The result is a series of large, vibrant, lively limited-edition prints that remain playful yet are decidedly horny and perverse.

Drub currently lives in San Diego, CA
About the Artist
Using a computer has really allowed my technique to blossom by allowing me to mix fine quality line art with bold and arresting color treatments to make the images really jump out from the paper but remain refined. The mixture of traditional graphic illustration with the sexually explicit subject matter I find subversive without becoming pretentious. The images are primarily figure studies of guys caught in the act in a way that he viewer can easily connect with. My artwork is not at all cold or impersonal. Quite the opposite, it is racy and very accessible. Sometimes I feel that a lot of homoerotic art is often quite beautiful in an abstract sense and technically well executed but somewhat idealized and even a little sterile. Today more than ever I think we need something that is human and warm that we can connect with. If you have a sense of humor that helps too.


Durk is a Florida gay artist who specializes in delightful, upbeat abstract paintings.
Durk's homepage is at: http://durkart.com and his MySpace page at: http://www.myspace.com/durkart

Also: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/durkART0001
and, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ARTIST4PEACE

The Sultry World of Bobby Cook
The Sultry World of Bobby Cook. This Arizona artist offers homoerotic drawings of centaurs, giants, bikers, truckers and cowboys. Also featured is the artist's erotic male on male fiction.
Tedited is an artist living in Oslo, Norway. He creates contemporary homoerotic art/gay art, inspired by his love of the male naked body and soul.

Randy RD Riccoboni

http://www.squidoo.com/i-paint (blog)

Randy RD Riccoboni is an insightful, American born artist (California, 1960) influenced by a plethora of sights, sounds, colors, textures and emotion. This self-taught artist acquired his drive and inspiration from encouragement given him by family, friends and public school teachers. Riccoboni's profound love for art and architecture are evidenced in his paintings, landscape and portrait masterpieces; art work that captures the essence of a person's spirit, the love given from animals as well as the beauty and intensity in his land and cityscapes.

German artist Daniel Cool
Web site: http://www.danielcool.com
Auf Deutsch and in English

The paintings stand for respect, friendship and love. For acknowledgment, equal rights and an end of each kind of discrimination. My work developed in the indication of the rainbow. The colors stands for: Red - life, orange - healing, yellow - sun, green - nature, blue - harmony, violet - mind. They give a positive life feeling. It is my appeal to the society for more tolerance and solidarity.

"My pictures stand for friendship, partnership and love."

Meine Bilder stehen für Freundschaft, Respekt und Liebe. Anerkennung, Toleranz und Gleichberechtigung. Vor allem aber ein Ende von Diskriminierung jeder Art. Meine Arbeiten sind im Zeichen des Regenbogens entstanden. Die Farben stehen für: Rot - Leben, orange - Heilung, gelb - Sonne, grün - Natur, blau - Harmonie, violett-Geist. Sie geben ein positives Lebensgefühl. Es ist mein Appell an die Gesellschaft für mehr Toleranz und Solidarität.

Meine Bilder stehen für Freundschaft, Partnerschaft und Liebe. Die Motive der Bilder enthalten Botschaften für die Community. Sie sollen die Kommunikation und das Zusammenleben untereinander positiv fördern. Man hat die Möglichkeit neue Perspektiven zu sammeln und zu entdecken.

Artdesy.com - An Art Directory



http://www.alanilagan.com Alan Ilagan
Writers are creative people too and you might enjoy exploring the writings of author Alan Bennett Ilagan. Along with his writing his site features the projects Alan has worked on, a biography and a gallery of photos of the writer.
William Maltese
Many of William Maltese's early pulp fiction novels have become collector's items often commanding three-figure sums on auction venues such as ebay. This internationally best selling author has achieved great success in the field of gay literature starting with his novel ADONIS and continuing with his sci-fi TLEN series and continues with his on going STUD DRAQUAL MYSTERY series. Also available are Maltese's gay sci-fi epic BOND-SHATTERING, for nightwares L.L.C., and his gay adventure/romance BEYOND MACHU released by Haworth Press in May 2006.

TV, Radio and Motion Pictures

Lets have a party…a TVparty that is.
This is one of Rick Chris's favorite sites on the web, hosted by your pal (and mine) Billy Ingram. Let's face it, we all grew up with TV and this good looking site, with its well written articles and streaming video clips, does a terrific job of bringing back a lot of powerful memories. You might say this web site is comfort food for the soul. To read about or watch a clip of a childrens show you used to watch when you were a kid is like suddenly finding one of your old childhood toys. Plus, there's so much else on the site, insight into behind the scenes drama, celebrity gossip, hilarious TV show outtakes and more, that a visit to this site is well worth your time. An excellent site, Mr. Ingram!
http://www.alternatechannels.org/radio.htm "Queer" moments in old-time radio programming. Interesting. From the United Kingdom.


Fun Stuff at Brian's Drive-in Theater, an online museum devoted to B-Movies, Movie stars
and all sorts of related information and photos!



Serving the Chilean gay Community for 8 years.

Gay Chile. Since 1998 has been the path to the Americas in the Spanish language. During these years Gay Chile has become the preferred route to friends around the world. All of the information about the Chilean gay people and a complete guide to the Chilean gay scene. Gay Chile.

El portal Gay de Chile desde 1998 es el más antiguo portal gay latino americano de habla hispana. Posee completa informacion acerca de la vida gay diurna y nocturna, noticias, gay chat etc.

Queery Button

Gay USA Men provides a place where gay men in the United States can interact and enjoy online entertainment.


One truly remarkable and awesome site featuring not only Castro Street but a wonderful illustrated history of San Francisco's gay community. This important site is Donald's labor of love, an incredible testament to the people and places that not only pioneered the gay movement in America but created a dynamic and wonderful place and time. A must see!

San Francisco's Castro
by Strange de Jim

San Francisco's Castro by Strange de Jim. Photos from 1870 to the present. You'll see how a quiet Irish Catholic neighborhood suddenly added "World's Gay Mecca" to its list of attractions, how opposites learned to live in harmony. Whether you use this knowledge to bring about world peace is entirely up to you.


An fascinating web site by author Strange de Jim with many photos of the Castro and it's history.

The Milwaukee LGBT History Project Web Site is dedicated to preserving and making available to the general public, the history of the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community in the Milwaukee area and all of Wisconsin. It attempts to gather any recollections, photographs, and material artifacts relating to the history of GLBT life in Wisconsin, and present them in an organized and cross-linked manner. It strives to help "old timers" recall and resurrect memories of what was, and simultaneously allow the newer generations and the general community to appreciate the depth and value of past people and events in shaping both the freedoms and continuing challenges of gays and lesbians.

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